OVD 278 Bantry Bay

New Build - Residential
2023 - Ongoing
Bantry Bay, Cape Town
750 m²

278 Ocean view drive

This challenging site consists of two steep slopes falling into a ravine that meanders down the center of the site. The boundaries, forming an irregular pentagon, are sand­wiched between two adjoining properties which only allow for a view corridor out to the West. This helped drive the design process and the option to explore courtyards which would form the primary focus within the home, rather than the views that are typically primary in this neighborhood.

The existing site has a watercourse running through the central ravine which has to be preserved as a statutory requirement. The structure of the house spans over the river course allowing it to flow freely. This feature has been incorporated into the design by reticulating water up through the house and back out with the use of a waterfall.